How to Angel Invest


You’ve noticed it everywhere. Whether you see Mr. Wonderful grilling someone on Shark Tank, hear about Kevin Durant building a tech empire and basketball dynasty in California, or read about George Clooney selling a Tequila brand for $1 billion, everyone seems to be putting their money to work by investing in startups. It’s understandable that you want part of the action. Although it may seem esoteric or reserved for the super wealthy, gaining equity in a startup might be more accessible than you think, as long as you are comfortable with the risk. In a 5-part series, we will outline the basics of angel investing:

  1. What is an Accredited Investor?
  2. Where to Find Deals
  3. Understanding Risk
  4. How Much to Invest
  5. The Process

Special thanks to Vela Wood law clerk, Ikenna Okoro, for his assistance with this series. 

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