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Vela Wood Blog

Get the latest information and insights on everything from startups to sports and gaming law in the Vela Wood Blog.

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Vela Wood Podcasts

Whether you’re a first-time founder or a serial entrepreneur, we have a podcast for you. We’ll walk you through the legal side of things and share our experiences counseling hundreds of startups.

Venture Glossary

Our Venture Glossary will be your new best friend. It features over 500 terms that are common parlance in the startup world, from Accelerated Vesting to Zombie.

Venture Glossary
M&A Glossary

If you love the Venture Glossary, be sure to also check out our Mergers & Acquisitions Glossary. It’s the same great source of info, but focused exclusively on M&A vocabulary.

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Venture Deals Reports

To provide analysis on early-stage venture financing in Texas, we have reviewed our venture transactions on a year-by-year basis.

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Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting Deals
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