With several entrepreneurs in our ranks, we understand what goes into building a business. It’s much more than turning an idea into revenues. It takes preparation, planning, sacrifice, and adaptability. And once you’ve given everything you have, occasionally the tide changes and you have to re-think your entire strategy. With hundreds of successful startups as clients, we thrive on turning an initial consultation into a successful, long-term relationship.

The Vela Wood legal staff is Carta Certified at the Proficient through Expert levels and is able to assist with your cap table needs.

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  • Have facilitated over 700 venture transactions ranging from $250k pre-Seed rounds through Series C financings, representing over $1.2B in transaction value
  • In 2023, facilitated over 40 venture financings ranging from pre-seed Safe rounds through Series B equity financings 
  • In 2023, facilitated over $300M in exits

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Venture Deals Reports

To provide analysis on early-stage venture financing in Texas, we have reviewed our venture transactions on a year-by-year basis.


Equity Incentive Plan & Incentive Unit Plan FAQs

Equity Incentive Plans (EIP), used in corporations, and Incentive Unit Plans (IUP), used in LLCs, are plans that allocate shares or membership units, respectively, for issuance to service providers as equity compensation. If you’re considering setting up an EIP or IUP for your company, check out the FAQs below!



Venture Glossary

Welcome to Venture Glossary™, where we arm you with the venture startup terminology tools you need.

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Select Offering Exemptions Chart

Here is a guide identifying some of the requirements, limitations, and advantages of a few federal exemptions available to small businesses raising capital.

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Early Stage Lifecycle

Wondering if your startup is where it should be? This infographic will walk you through the five stages a startup goes through and give you an idea of where you should be when it comes to your startup’s product, funding, marketing, revenues, legal work, and more.

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Corporate Governance
Stockholders’ Rights of Venture Investors After Moelis

This blog explores the tension between Delaware corporate law’s board management principle and investor demands for control, highlighting legal challenges and potential legislative changes to the Delaware General Corporation Law after the Moelis decision.

Funding & Capital Raising
What Is A Search Fund & Why Should You Start One?

Starting a search fund offers a direct path to leading a profitable business. This blog covers the history, mechanics, and life cycle of a search fund, as well as the characteristics of companies targeted by search funds.

Funding & Capital Raising
Comparing the Conversion Mechanics of Safes and Convertible Notes

This blog focuses on understanding the conversion mechanics of Safes versus Convertible Notes, which is essential for founders navigating pre-seed financing, as they differ in their treatment of shares outstanding and impact the equity distribution among stakeholders.

How We’ve Helped Our Clients
NoiseAware Inc.

NoiseAware offers state of the art noise monitoring solutions for the short-term rental industry. NoiseAware has evolved over the past several years into a global leader in hardware and software solutions for individual and professional property managers alike. Vela Wood […]

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SignEasy is a global leader in the electronic signature space and is trusted by over 35,000 companies worldwide and processes millions of signatures each year. SignEasy has been a Vela Wood client for over 10 years, and during that time […]

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Build With Robots

Build With Robots is a New Mexico-based tech company that designs and builds robotics to perform dangerous, repetitive tasks. Build With Robots’ technology is not designed to replace people’s jobs – their goals are to make workers lives easier and […]

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Boston based Apptopia is a data intelligence platform that enables brands to analyze critical competitive signals and gain insights across mobile apps and connected devices. Apptopia customers include some of the best known brands in the world, including Zoom, Target, […]

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Telos Health Solution

Telos provides technology solutions that deliver real-time patient measure updates and intuitive care coordination workflows that enhance community care providers’ ability to make timely value-based care decisions.  Telos came to VW after a year of operations and VW helped Telos […]

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Office Hours

Office Hours is our podcast covering general issues related to small businesses and startups.

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Preparing for Funding

Preparing For Funding is a series of Office Hours episodes about getting your company’s legal house in order before taking on funding.

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Venture Deals Review

Venture Deals Review is a series of Office Hours episodes discussing the seminal book in the venture world, Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist.

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Podcast Channel
Three Things
In Three Things, we ask leaders in the startup and small business community three questions related to their experience with entrepreneurship.
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Podcast Channel
Silicon Valley Review

In Silicon Valley Review, we review each episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley and discuss how it applies to real startups.

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