Corporate Governance
Stockholders’ Rights of Venture Investors After Moelis

This blog explores the tension between Delaware corporate law’s board management principle and investor demands for control, highlighting legal challenges and potential legislative changes to the Delaware General Corporation Law after the Moelis decision.

Corporate Governance
ESOP v. Stock Options: What’s the difference?

We often get clients asking for an ESOP Plan when they are actually thinking of a Stock Option Plan or Equity Incentive Plan. In this blog, we go over the difference between an Employee Stock Ownership Plan and Stock Options.

Corporate Governance
Equity & Equity-Like Plans for S-Corporations

This blog discusses which types of equity plans are, and are not, available for an LLC or corporation taxed as an s-corporation.

Corporate Governance
What is an F-Reorganization?

If you have tried to sell or buy a business that is an S-corporation for tax purposes recently, you may have run into the newly popular structure called the “F-Reorganization.” But what on earth is an F-reorganization?  And why is it so popular? This blog post explains the structure.

Entity Type
Forming an Entity (LLC v. C-Corp)

Okay – it’s time to actually form the business. You’ve built your pitch deck, received feedback from naysayers, visited with your attorney, and worked out the structure with your co-founders. The next step is to incorporate your company so that […]

Corporate Governance
The Startup Visa – International Entrepreneur Rule

The International Entrepreneur Rule applies to foreign entrepreneurs looking to build their company in the U.S. and American startups looking to bring a key foreign cofounder stateside.

Entity Type
B-Corps v. Public Benefit Corporations

One of the many inside jokes at Vela Wood is that Kevin is a Capitalist, while I’m a Socialist (bleeding heart and all). Kevin usually busts out some form of this joke at company gatherings when I’m showing pictures of my […]

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The 50-50 Equity Split(Up)

My parents are starting a business together. See, my mom runs an organic, all natural beauty salon in Upstate New York. Part of the business that she has developed over the years is using henna as an eco-friendly alternative to […]

Corporate Governance
Succession Planning: A Critical Part Of Management & A Business’s Ongoing Success

“How much do you weigh?” There are some questions so personal and invasive social mores dictate that they should never be asked. Well, almost never asked. A colleague remarking about any extra poundage I was carrying as a result of […]

The Company Agreement Explained
The Company Agreement Explained: Confidential Information & Non-Competes

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are familiar with confidentiality and non-compete agreements because, well, they want others to gain interest in their product or service, but they don’t want the recipient of the disclosed information to turn around and […]