Name, Image, Likeness
A State Law Approach to Student Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Rights: A Guide for Interpreting Each States’ Legislation

The purpose of this article is to update and summarize the existing and differing state legislation currently in place regarding student athletes’ name, image, and likeness rights.

Funding & Capital Raising
Restricted Equity v. Options & 83(b) Elections

Recently formed companies often issue restricted equity to stakeholders, but once the companies close a funding round or achieve significant revenue, restricted equity is inappropriate. Instead, the company needs an option plan and to issue options. This blog will answer, […]

Funding & Capital Raising
Incentive Stock Options v. Non-Qualified Stock Options

For cash-starved startups, compensating employees with options can be a great way for founders to motivate the employees to increase the company’s worth, and to remain with the company. However, the differing vehicles to issue options can be confusing. Often, […]

VW Abroad
Bringing Startup Culture To Law In Brazil

A Q&A with our 2018 YLAI Fellow Fabio Cendão, an attorney and entrepreneur from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, regarding his fellowship, his work in Brazil, and his time at Vela Wood and in Dallas.

Angel Investing
How to Angel Invest: The Process

After you’ve determined whether you’re accredited, discussed angel investing with your investment advisor, created systematic deal flow, and put your expectations in check, it’s finally time to begin the process. Here is an outline of what that looks like. Once […]

Angel Investing
How to Angel Invest: How Much to Invest

Disclaimer: This blog post should not be viewed as investment advice. Investors should speak to their investment advisor before making any investments. The ideas in this post are a summary of ideas presented by David Rose in his book, Angel Investing. […]

Angel Investing
How to Angel Invest: Understanding Risk

Before you begin throwing money at startups, it’s important to understand the risk involved with investing. Venture capitalist, Sammy Abdullah, believes “angel investing is the absolute hardest thing to do in investing.” Angel investing can be fun and exciting, but […]

Angel Investing
How to Angel Invest: Where to Find Deals

After confirming your accredited investor status, the next step is to find promising companies. Serendipity is definitely a factor; however, you can approach finding deals in a systematic way. Identify Local Angel Networks Local angel networks are the safest and […]

Angel Investing
How to Angel Invest: What is an Accredited Investor?

Who can play the game Angel Investors are individuals who provide seed or startup financing to entrepreneurs. If you give your little brother a few hundred dollars to start a business, technically, you’re an angel investor. However, the more intricate […]

Angel Investing
How to Angel Invest

You’ve noticed it everywhere. Whether you see Mr. Wonderful grilling someone on Shark Tank, hear about Kevin Durant building a tech empire and basketball dynasty in California, or read about George Clooney selling a Tequila brand for $1 billion, everyone […]