Crowdfunding in Texas & Minnesota

This article explains more about recent crowdfunding regulations, including recent federal changes and state crowdfunding offerings in Texas and Minnesota.

General Business
What’s In a Name: A Primer on Types of Agreements

This is a brief primer regarding the typical names and usages of different types of product and service agreements, particularly in the technology space, so you have a better understanding of what types of agreements you might need for your startup’s services and products; and what to expect from someone else.

Nothing Can Compete with Mergers and Acquisitions

This article explains the general features of non-compete and non-solicitation clauses in the context of mergers and acquisitions, including key items to consider for owners and companies alike.

Name, Image, Likeness
A State Law Approach to Student Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Rights: A Guide for Interpreting Each States’ Legislation

The purpose of this article is to update and summarize the existing and differing state legislation currently in place regarding student athletes’ name, image, and likeness rights.

Are you ready for an exit transaction? (Probably not.)

With exit deals potentially around every corner, most founders are not asking themselves (and probably should be), if the Company is ready for an exit transaction and the scrutiny that comes with it. This article explains the basic steps of a merger or acquisition transaction, so that you can better understand what to expect at exit.

Funding & Capital Raising
Equity Options for LLCs

Issuing equity in LLCs can be complicated and lead to additional compliance and reporting obligations, and great care should be taken when determining the right equity structure. This blog is meant to serve as a brief introduction to four common ways of issuing equity in an LLC to compensate key service providers or employees.

Funding & Capital Raising
SEC Amends 506(c) Accredited Investor Verification

One of the recent SEC amendments updated the accredited investor verification requirements under Rule 506(c), which is a common federal exemption utilized by startups to broadly solicit capital from accredited investors.

Funding & Capital Raising
SEC Amendments Positively Impact Capital Formation For Emerging Companies

On November 2, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to amend the existing regulations and those rules went into effect on March 15, 2021. The SEC amendments change the landscape for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital through exempt offerings.

Funding & Capital Raising
The Critical Role that Accelerators Play in Venture Financing

Seed capital provided by accelerators must be provided to startups with great care. Here are three ways accelerators can avoid causing long-lasting negative ramifications for startups.

Fantasy Sports & Gaming
Texas DFS Bill – H.B. 393

H.B. 393 seeks to legalize fantasy sports contests by amending the Texas Penal Code’s definition of “bet” to exclude prizes or awards won in a fantasy sports contest. The language is mostly consistent carve-out language but there are two key additions which could have a material effect on contests currently being offered in the state.