How Estate and Financial Planners Can Address Digital Assets

These professionals need to be on the forefront of addressing this technology and understanding its nuances and what makes it different from standard assets like fiat currency, stocks, and bonds.

Digital Assets in Transactions

It is important to keep in mind that digital assets have different features and nuances that may not mix well with traditional approaches.

The SEC’s Digital Asset Questions For RIA Firms

In helping RIA firms learn about crypto assets and develop appropriate policies and procedures, here are some best practices.

Intellectual Property
Six Practical Tips For Password Security 

Like it or not, your email and various other usernames/logins are a significant part of your identity and should be treated as and protected like an asset. Here are some tips for protecting your digital self.

Blockchain Breakfast Summer Series, Part 4: Implementing Blockchain Solutions

My friend Michael Lewellen joined me for the fourth and final Blockchain Breakfast of our summer series to discuss implementing blockchain solutions.

Funding & Capital Raising
Understanding The New Post-Money Safe

While Y Combinator’s new Post-Money SAFE did simplify the process for calculating early-stage equity, it may become problematic under two scenarios.

Blockchain Breakfast Summer Series, Part 3: Lawyers, Regulators & The Private Sector

Last week, I sat down with one of my dear and first friends from law school, Cole Davis. Cole is a (recovering!) attorney focused on his new startup Switchchord, a blockchain-based music licensing and copyright management platform. Here are a few takeaways from our discussion.

Blockchain Breakfast Summer Series, Part 2: Who Runs The Cash?

Last week, I sat down with one of my favorite people in crypto, Fred Constanesco. Fred is an attorney, entrepreneur, and bitcoin enthusiast. Fred and I talked all things money. Here is a recap.

Intellectual Property
Privacy Policies: Why Having One Is Crucial For Your Company

To maintain compliance with various state and federal laws, it is important that a company keeps records on how it collects, processes, uses, and shares personal information.

Blockchain Breakfast Summer Series, Part 1: Weird Use Cases

This Tuesday, Vela Wood hosted the first of its three-part “Blockchain Breakfast” series. James Johnson joined us to “get weird with blockchain.” James is the co-founder and CMO of Oaken Innovations, a blockchain software company focused on automotive mobility applications.