Angel Investing
The Shifting Landscape Of Angel Investing

Angels are getting smarter, and this is a good thing for entrepreneurs. Over the past several years, I have seen a marked shift in angel investing. Three to four years ago, I saw large pools of unaffiliated angels making direct […]

Funding & Capital Raising
Keep Your Early Rounds Small, Your Valuation Reasonable & Close Quickly

It’s no secret that Dallas is blossoming as a startup hub. The communication and shared knowledge in the community has been fantastic, which has led to lots of excitement in the scene. One of the consequences, however, has been an inordinate […]

Crowdfunding Is Here!

Texas has officially become the 13th state to allow equity crowdfunding within its borders. The rules approved by the Texas State Securities Board in October went into effect on November 17, 2014, expanding investment opportunities in local businesses to nearly […]

Funding & Capital Raising
Convertible Debt & 83(b) Elections

Last night, I was fortunate enough to participate in a TeXchange panel alongside Jeff Williams of Covera Ventures and Robert Johnson of TeamSupport, discussing the dos and don’ts of fundraising. The panel was moderated by Michael Sitarzewski, and he asked three […]

Texas State Securities Board Approves New Crowdfunding Rules

As I wrote last week, crowdfunding in Texas is literally, right around the corner. By a 4-0 vote yesterday, the Texas State Securities Board approved rules to regulate equity crowdfunding in Texas. The rules will go into effect in late […]

Crowdfunding In Texas Is Right Around The Corner

The next big buzz word is here. Get ready for “crowdfunding” mania.  So, what does it mean? In short, crowdfunding is when projects are funded through the collective efforts of a number of unrelated individuals. It has existed for some time […]

The Company Agreement Explained
The Company Agreement Explained: Confidential Information & Non-Competes

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are familiar with confidentiality and non-compete agreements because, well, they want others to gain interest in their product or service, but they don’t want the recipient of the disclosed information to turn around and […]

The Company Agreement Explained
The Company Agreement Explained: Involuntary Transfers v. Voluntary Transfers

We often get asked by clients about what happens when members of LLCs die, get divorced, want to sell their interest to another member or third party, etc. All of these transfers fall into two categories: involuntary transfers and voluntary […]

Intellectual Property
Tips For Your Website’s Terms Of Service

There are two documents that every business with an online presence must have: (1) Terms of Service, and (2) Privacy Policy. As discussed in a previous blog, Privacy Policies are crucial for every website since there are numerous state and federal […]

Funding & Capital Raising
Do You Really Need That Much Money Now?

One critical decision for any early-stage startup with an abundance of funding opportunities is how much money to take. I think a lot of entrepreneurs get wide eyed and perhaps greedy (in a misguided way) when money starts getting thrown their way. […]