General Business
Mo’ Founders Mo’ Problems – Another Vote For Well Drafted Partnership Agreements

Note, the advice below is entity type agnostic. Member Agreements, Company Agreements, and Founder Agreements are included in the context of partners agreements.  Founder disputes are unavoidable – and the more founders, the higher the likelihood for disagreements. Every startup will […]

Texas Series LLCs
How Do I Name My Texas Series LLC?

A question that we frequently get from our Series LLC clients is, “How do I name my Texas Series LLC?” This is really two questions in one – as the parent and cells within the series will each have different […]

Real Estate
Dental Commercial Lease Review Issues

Vela Wood has been lucky to have helped a number of local dentists not only form their legal entity, but also assist them in their business development and commercial real estate needs.  We find that our dental clients are making […]

Presenting To Investors: Conciseness = Clarity

“Confident writers have the courage to speak plainly; to let their thoughts shine rather than their vocabulary.” – Ralph Keye While it might not seem like it at first glance, pitching an idea is, in some ways, just like writing…and […]

General Business
Starting A New Business? Here’s What They Haven’t Told You (Part 1)

There is no shortage of books and other resources out there for entrepreneurs. These how-to’s do a fantastic job of describing business plans, giving advice on how to raise capital, and providing guidance to launch your marketing campaigns. There are, […]

Hiring Your First Employees

It’s time to grow and bring in those valuable first employees who are going to enable your success as a small business. Maybe you need someone with marketing experience to help drive business, or maybe you need a salesperson, or […]

Crowdfunding – What Can We Learn From Kickstarter Stats?

Mashable released a fascinating set of infographics regarding Kickstarter from a recent story (I’m not clear on who created the infographics, so I’ll credit them both – they are beautiful), so I wanted to discuss a few key stats. Before […]

Intellectual Property
Searching For Similar Trademarks

Is anybody else using my mark now? So let’s say that you have come up with a great name, logo, and/or slogan – now you need to make sure your mark is not too similar to someone else’s mark. You […]

Crowdfunding, Part II

With the recent passage of the JOBS Act, unaccredited investors are poised to enter into the startup funding arena in hordes. As I discussed in my earlier post on crowdfunding, the JOBS Act has removed the “accredited investor” restriction for […]

Texas Series LLCs
Texas Series LLCs & Your Due On Sale Clause

As I have discussed in my earlier blogs on Texas Series LLCs, series LLCs are a powerful and efficient asset protection tool and are rapidly becoming the preferred entity vehicle for real estate investors. However, because they are still in […]