Working With Developers

Failure to have a clear written agreement with developers is the most frequent problem I see with early-stage companies. And one that is completely avoidable. Here are a few common issues.

Corporate Governance
The Startup Visa – International Entrepreneur Rule

The International Entrepreneur Rule applies to foreign entrepreneurs looking to build their company in the U.S. and American startups looking to bring a key foreign cofounder stateside.

Hiring A Developer? Get It In Writing And Signed First

Here’s an unfortunate, but common call we get from clients at VW each week: Client: “Hi, we’re having a problem with our web developer. They started the project and took our initial payment, but are now way behind schedule and […]

Oooh, Baby, Baby – A Beginner’s Guide to Maternity Leave

“Are you pregnant?” Add this to the list of questions that all but a precious few may reasonably ask. Since I’m a lawyer, I feel entitled…to ask in order to clear up some common misconceptions about workplace protection and paid leave […]

Independent Contractor Agreements Don’t Mean Anything

On Valentine’s Day in either first or second grade, Teresa Holting handed me a little card with my name hastily written on the envelope. Inside the envelope, and on the front cover of the card, were a couple of anthropomorphic […]

Employment Contract Considerations

You know the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”? Well, that axiom most certainly applies to small businesses. While many today do not enter into written employment agreements with their employees, it would certainly be in […]