VW Startup Lifecycle Infographic

May 11, 2017  |  By

Welcome to VW’s Startup Lifecycle Infographic! The purpose of this infographic is to help you identify where your startup is, or what should be happening at different stages.

We’ll walk you through the five stages a startup goes through – Development, Launch, Early, Acceleration, and Growth/Maturity – and give you an idea of where you should be when it comes to your startup’s product, time to/in market, funding, marketing, revenues, legal work, cash/runway, employees & contractors, investors, and office space. You can click through the stages then download and print a PDF to keep yourself on track!

Note that this is not an exact science, as every startup is different, and different places use different terms…but we like ours the best! Moreover, meeting one or two benchmarks doesn’t necessarily catapult you from one stage to the next. That said, we hope that this infographic will be helpful for you in understanding where your company is, and what you can expect.

Check out the infographic here!

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