General Business
Understanding Basic Contracts: The Indemnification Clause

One of the most confusing, yet critical, sections of a contract is the indemnification section. Hard word, hard section. Hopefully this blog will help. “To indemnify” means to compensate someone for his/her harm or loss. In most contracts, an indemnification […]

Corporate Governance
What Is A DBA (Assumed Name) & When Do I Need One?

Just what is a DBA? A DBA (Doing Business As) is an official filing you make with either the local or statewide government offices for registering the name under which you will be conducting business. In Texas, we generally refer […]

Real Estate
Four Major Deeds In Texas

As discussed in my previous blog, deeds are extremely important in any Texas real estate transaction.

Funding & Capital Raising
The Mechanics of Converting Convertible Notes

Convertible notes are a great tool for venture financing, however, the actual mechanics of converting convertible notes is not a simple task and requires great care.

The Company Agreement Explained
The Company Agreement Explained: Member-Managed v. Manager-Managed

Before you form an LLC, you should determine the management structure of your LLC. In Texas, there are two options: member-managed or manager-managed. Before we delve into the difference between the two, let’s back up a bit and first discuss […]

Corporate Governance
Anonymity In Delaware

Delaware, affectionately known as “The First State,” is a go-to business state. Longstanding favorable corporate law, minimal filing fees, low taxes, a court system well versed in complex business issues, and flexible corporate structure are just a few of the […]

The Company Agreement Explained
Drafting LLC Company Agreements: Simple Majority v. Super Majority

Our previous blog outlined the differences between and the advantages and disadvantages of a member-managed LLC and a manager-managed LLC. It only makes sense to now discuss how a business decision is made by the member(s) of the LLC. Section […]

Corporate Governance
What is an F-Reorganization?

If you have tried to sell or buy a business that is an S-corporation for tax purposes recently, you may have run into the newly popular structure called the “F-Reorganization.” But what on earth is an F-reorganization?  And why is it so popular? This blog post explains the structure.