At Vela Wood, we’re pleased to offer our private equity clients a full suite of services. Our attorneys can help you navigate the complex regulatory environment surrounding fund formation, offering documentation, investor sourcing, capital deployment, and exit strategies.

Vela Wood draws on the firm’s startup, corporate M&A, and real estate practices, as well as its deep connections with the Dallas venture capital investor market, to assist its clients in finding the right vehicle for raising a fund. Because we represent a number of small and growing businesses, we are in a unique position to advise our private equity clients on issues that matter most to their potential portfolio companies. Let our experience work for you.

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  • Represented a Dallas-based consumer goods and enterprise tech manufacturer in a $1.5m seed convertible note round
  • Represented a san Diego-based SaaS company in a $2m seed financing round
  • Represented a Dallas-based genetics software company in a $6m stock exit to a publicly traded company
  • Represented a Dallas-based b2b software company in a $1.5m series a financing
  • Represented a Dallas-based follow-on venture fund in an $8m fund raise
  • Represented a Dallas-based accelerator in a $2.5m fund raise
  • Formed and represented two single-purpose funds (exceeding $7.5m in the aggregate) to invest in a consumer goods venture/ private equity fund
  • Represented a venture fund in its role as the lead investor in multiple startups’ Series A investment rounds
  • Represented an on-demand pediatric care mobile app in three investment rounds (exceeding $6m in the aggregate)
  • Represented a digital signage solution provider in three convertible note offerings (approximately $1.4m in the aggregate)

Select Offerings Exemption Chart

Identify some of the requirements, limitations, and advantages of a few federal exemptions available to small businesses raising capital.

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