Vig & Juice Ep.8: Regulation Updates in Texas and Nationwide

Vig & Juice is a podcast discussing the history and legality of gambling and sports betting in the U.S. hosted by three attorneys who practice Fantasy Sports & Gaming Law at Vela Wood.

In this episode, we go over our recent Quarterly Texas Gaming Update Newsletter and discuss fantasy sports and sports wagering regulation updates in Texas and nationwide.

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Regarding our discussion starting at 8:35, here are the statistics we said we would provide for the crossover of states.
There are currently only twelve states that have not yet legalized sports wagering. Eight of those twelve do not regulate fantasy sports either, but fantasy contests are offered without issue in the absence of state regulation. The status of fantasy sports in the four remaining states is informative as well, so we have included it below.

  • States Where Fantasy Sports Contests Are Currently Offered Without Regulation But Sports Wagering Is Not: Alaska, California, Georgia, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah
  • States Where Fantasy Sports Contests Are Regulated And Offered But Sports Wagering is Not: Alabama and Missouri
  • States Where Fantasy Sports And Sports Wagering Are Both Currently Prohibited: Hawaii and Idaho

Time Stamps

  • 0:51 – Nationwide Trends for Fantasy Sports Laws & Sports Wagering Laws
  • 3:03 – Fantasy Sports Regulation History & Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA)
  • 8:35 –  Unregulated Jurisdictions
  • 11:58 – 2023 Texas Regulation Updates
  • 14:09 – Pressures Around Texas Regulation
  • 17:06 – Prosecution of Operators
  • 21:50 – Circumstances of Texas Legislation & Predictions


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