Vig & Juice Ep.1: Three Elements of Gambling

Vig & Juice is a podcast discussing the history and legality of gambling and sports betting in the US hosted by three attorneys who practice Fantasy Sports & Gaming Law at Vela Wood.

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In this episode, we explain the meaning of Vig & Juice, discuss gambling’s roots in Greek mythology, and lay out the three elements that define gambling.

Time Stamps

  • 1:25 Podcast Name Explanation
  • 3:45 Greek Mythology
  • 4:45 Definition of Gambling
  • 8:20 Outlawing Gambling
  • 12:20 History of Sports Betting
  • 14:55 Rad’s First Sports Bet
  • 17:45 History of Casinos
  • 19:05 Podcast Forecast
  • 19:45 Lottery & 13 Original Colonies Bet

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