Vela Wood is proud to partner and work with the following cap table management platforms. We recommend these companies and enjoy working with all of them.

Carta’s equity management platform is trusted by over 30,000 private companies and counting and allows you to eliminate errors, fundraise faster, and do more with equity. Carta provides end-to-end equity management, instant, audit-ready reports, robust compliance tools, and HRIS and payroll integrations.

VW has been partnered with Carta since 2016 and our legal staff is Carta Certified at the Proficient through Expert levels. VW is proud to be a Tier 1 Carta partner which means that all VW clients receive the best Carta pricing available.

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Pulley’s equity management platform scales with startups from early-stage to IPO and allows you to fundraise smarter, keep your team informed and motivated, get audit-ready sooner, and reconcile transactions automatically. Pulley provides easy onboarding, fast response rates, and world-class support.

VW has been partnered with Pulley since 2021. Pulley offers VW clients a dedicated onboarding page and discounted pricing.

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LTSE’s equity management platform offers a full-stack solution to support companies at all stages – from founding to opening in the public markets – allowing you to get your employee equity right, create a single source of truth, and manage stakeholder and investor needs.

VW has been partnered with LTSE since 2022 and VW clients received a 30% discount.

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