Funding & Capital Raising
Selected Offering Exemptions

To help you understand all of the available private offering exemptions, we’ve compiled details on the old Reg D avenues, and the new crowdfunding ones, into a single page and have created a handy chart for your review.

Funding & Capital Raising
Here’s Why Dallas Is Primed For ‘Series A’ Funding

Series A is coming in Dallas and here are three reasons why.

Funding & Capital Raising
Term Sheets 101: Convertible Debt v. Equity

If you’re a startup looking to raise capital, here is some of the basic language you need to know.  Kevin stopped by Collide Village, an accelerator based in McKinney, Texas, to talk to its current startup class about term sheets, […]

Intellectual Property
Does Your Idea Really Need An NDA?

Stop demanding NDAs and whispering your ideas to friends at cocktail parties. Tell your idea to every smart person you know. Get their thoughts and ask them to work with you.

Funding & Capital Raising
Convertible Debt & 83(b) Elections

Last night, I was fortunate enough to participate in a TeXchange panel alongside Jeff Williams of Covera Ventures and Robert Johnson of TeamSupport, discussing the dos and don’ts of fundraising. The panel was moderated by Michael Sitarzewski, and he asked three […]