Vela Wood has a wealth of experience representing all parties in real estate transactions, including, buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords and investors.

Commercial Real Estate
  • Acquisition of Multi-Family Properties
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Private Equity Investment
  • Negotiating Commercial Leases
  • Representation of REITs
  • Lender Opinion Letters
Real Estate Investment Activities
  • Vela Wood has significant experience with real estate related investment activities and can help to structure and organize investment funds for real estate related acquisitions and operations.
Select Transactions
  • Represented a Dallas-based real estate fund in an $8.5m raise
  • Represented a developer in the acquisition and financing of a senior independent living community in Memphis, Tennessee for a total purchase price of $5.65m
  • Represented a developer in the acquisition, construction, and financing of a 118-unit townhome complex in rogers, Arkansas for a total purchase price of approximately $18m
  • Represented a buyer in a series of commercial real estate acquisitions in the uptown and oak lawn neighborhoods of Dallas for a total purchase price of approximately $4.6m
  • Represented a developer in the negotiation of a $12.5m construction loan to finance the construction of a 41-unit condominium complex in Dallas
  • Represented a restaurant and bar owner in the negotiation of a long-term commercial lease valued at approximately $6m

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