The Company Agreement Explained
The Company Agreement Explained: What Is A Company Agreement?

Sometimes anything involving a lawyer can sound like a whole other language. We’re going to simplify what exactly a Company Agreement is and does. You may have heard governing agreements for LLCs referred to as an operating agreement or regulations […]

Intellectual Property
Privacy Policies: Why Having One Is Crucial For Your Company

To maintain compliance with various state and federal laws, it is important that a company keeps records on how it collects, processes, uses, and shares personal information.

Does your company’s ICO need to be registered with the SEC as a securities offering?

If a blockchain technology company is considering conducting an initial coin offering (“ICO”) or token sale, the question the company needs to answer is whether it needs to register the token sale with the SEC? The answer depends on whether […]

General Business
Mo’ Founders Mo’ Problems – Another Vote For Well Drafted Partnership Agreements

Note, the advice below is entity type agnostic. Member Agreements, Company Agreements, and Founder Agreements are included in the context of partners agreements.  Founder disputes are unavoidable – and the more founders, the higher the likelihood for disagreements. Every startup will […]

Entity Type
Forming an Entity (LLC v. C-Corp)

Okay – it’s time to actually form the business. You’ve built your pitch deck, received feedback from naysayers, visited with your attorney, and worked out the structure with your co-founders. The next step is to incorporate your company so that […]

Intellectual Property
Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property is a critical issue for every small business owner, whether you’re a technology startup, building a services business, or launching a new restaurant concept. Kevin spoke to a group of small business owners at a Dallas […]

VW Abroad
Nic’s First Week Working in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is beautiful. From the picturesque graffiti street murals to the 17th century mosaic tiled streets, a touch of modern is entwined with the city’s aging architecture. Including, the LX Factory. The LX Factory is the co-working space in Lisbon. […]

Corporate Governance
The 50-50 Equity Split(Up)

My parents are starting a business together. See, my mom runs an organic, all natural beauty salon in Upstate New York. Part of the business that she has developed over the years is using henna as an eco-friendly alternative to […]

General Business
Startup Cents: Planning For Your First Year Of Legal Fees

We oftentimes get asked by startups, “How much will I spend in legal my first year?” Since we represent hundreds of startups here at VW, we’ve got a pretty good idea. We typically tell our clients to expect to spend […]

Texas Series LLCs
The Series LLC Conundrum

Series LLCs have proven to be a fantastic tool for Texas real estate investors, and for other business owners and investors. Countless persons have taken advantage of the ability to pay only a single filing fee with the Texas Secretary […]