An Assignee is the person receiving the assignment of the contract or asset.


An Assignor is a person (whether individual or entity) assigning a contract or asset to another person

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board is less formal than a startup’s board of directors. An advisory board typically consists of people whose experience, knowledge, and influence can benefit the growth and direction of the startup.

At-Will Employee

An At-Will Employee is an employee whose employment with the Company can be terminated by the company or the employee for any reason.

Assignment and Assumption Agreement

An Assignment and Assumption Agreement is an agreement between two parties, the assignor and assignee where the assignor is assigning his/her/its rights under an agreement or obligation to a third-party, the assignee, and the assignee is assuming the obligations under […]


Assets are physical property, intellectual property, inventory, and other property (whether physical or intangible) of a company.

Asset Purchase Agreement

The main definitive agreement when an acquisition will be a sale of assets of the target company.

Asset Acquisition

An Asset Acquisition is a transaction whereby an acquirer purchases the assets of the company, rather than the ownership interests.

As-Converted Basis

As-Converted Basis refers to the calculation of securities assuming conversion of all stock.

Articles of Incorporation (AOI)

Articles of Incorporation (AOI) are what some states, including California, call the primary organization document for a corporation. In Texas, it’s called a “Certificate of Formation” and in Delaware it’s called a “Certificate of Incorporation.” Many people just refer to […]